How innocent is totally innocent?



Products you apply to your body every day should never pose a danger to your health or the world around us, Nuud contains ingredients that are as safe and harmless as possible.

We do this by investing in the best solutions. In many cases you need 150ml of deodorant per month, which often doesn’t even attack the source of the perspiration smell.

With Nuud you do, and only 15ml per 6 weeks is enough (which is 14 times less product). The result is that you apply less on your body, need to produce less and ship less than any other product. Addressing the source and ensuring a formula that is as concentrated as possible has many advantages for the body as well as for the environment.

Nuud uses silver as an active substance, not nanosilver but microsilver. This is a natural ingredient that inhibits bacterial growth, and is certified. In addition, we opt for a tube made from sugar cane, a box made of unbleached FSC cardboard and our shipment is CO2 neutral. And, as with everything, things can always be improved; which is what we continue to work on with pleasure, every single day! Want to know more? You're invited to visit our FAQ page.