Thank you!

Thank you!

We launched our deodorant in September 2017. A little over 4 months ago. And we are happy! Happy because we’ve reached our 10.000 armpits goal (we are at 16.110 armpits when writing this). Also happy because people like the way we handle things on Facebook (or via email) and because people seem to like the fact that one small tube of Nuud lasts a long time.

But the thing we are most happy about is the enthusiasm of our users about the effectiveness of Nuud. Because hey, that’s what it’s all about! Nuud wants to be the healthiest, most sustainable deodorant that actually works. So, it better works. And it does, according to mother, father, adolescents, sporty types, yoga teachers, chefs, musicians, doctors and bus drivers and everyone else.

We’ve got fans! Thank you!

Thank you for trying Nuud in the first place. Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm with us. Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm with others.

Of course, we get other types of feedback as well. People find it expensive, for some people Nuud doesn’t seem to work and some even question our good intentions. To these people we say: thank you too! Because we learn from you. We take your feedback and try to use it to change and improve wherever we can. But we won’t change everything. Harmlessness for body and environment will forever be our number one! 

In 2017 we started Nuud with a motto – highly effective and totally innocent – and this is our motto for 2018 as well. Thank you fans and all the others.

We wish every body a fresh and healthy new year.

Make it a good one! x

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